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Let the Experts Take Care of Your Pool

Worried about the arduous tasks of opening or closing your pool for the season? Then let the experts at Hendrix Pool & Patio handle your pool's opening or closing. We provide water testing services to keep your pool clean, and we can also care for your pool while you're away!

Want more information? Then call Hendrix Pool & Patio at 812-522-7387 or visit us at 495 N. Burkhart Blvd. Seymour, IN 47274 for a FREE estimate regarding your pool water.
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Water Testing Services from the Pros

Want to ensure that the chemicals in your pool water are properly balanced so that you can enjoy crystal-clear water and a clean, sanitary swimming pool? Then let Hendrix Pool & Patio perform a computerized analysis of your pool to test for imperfections and impurities.

Our team will measure your water's actual readings and chemical levels, then provide you with the ideal chemical levels your pool should have. We'll then provide you with written recommendations for your water and instructions for updating your treatment practices.

While Hendrix Pool & Patio won't add the chemicals for you, we'll leave the proper chemicals out for you (along with a bill for those items) and instructions for proper use and applications, so that you can learn how to correctly maintain your pool all by yourself!

The chemicals provided with your water testing services should be used to the adjustment and balancing of your pool water at the time the test was performed. You'll still need to keep up with your regular maintenance schedule of weekly pool care and product applications.

Services for Your Pool While You're on a Vacation

Hendrix Pool & Patio can also care for your pool while you're on a vacation! Our team offers competitive pricing on several different service options, whether you're in town or away on a trip. Choose from our 1-week or 2-week service options while you're away.

We'll only use top-quality pool and spa chemicals from BioGuard to give you a sparkling-clean pool you'll love.

Browse our contracts and get the services you need today from the local and family-owned Hendrix Pool & Patio. Feel free to contact our team with questions about our service agreements.
Owner on Every Job
The owner of Hendrix Pool & Patio is present at each and every job site!
"Thanks for the quick service with replacing our filter today!"

 - Brett Newkirk, 5-Star Review via Facebook

Sign up for your pool opening and closing services, along with vacation care and water testing, by completing the contract that fits with your pool type below!
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