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Ground Swimming Pools

The Best in Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Looking for an affordable pool option? Then an above-ground pool from Hendrix Pool & Patio could be the cost-effective solution you've been waiting for! You'll also receive service from the experienced team at Hendrix Pool & Patio without the use of subcontractors!

Check out our sterling selection of new above-ground pools and find the model that best suits your needs for a swimming pool!

The Matrix Pool

Engineered to perfection and proudly supported by your local pool professional, Hendrix Pool & Patio, The Matrix 54 Pool is manufactured to the highest quality standard and built using top-quality components. As a part of the Elite Series of pools, The Matrix offers best-in-class performance!
  • Available in 18', 24', or 28' round as well as 15' X 30' or 18' x 33' oval
  • Stands 54" tall
  • 7"resin top ledge and resin upright
  • Two-piece ledge cover
  • Resin stabilizer, top and bottom panels
  • Resin bottom rail
  • Patented easy-to-lock screwless system
  • Buttress-less oval system
  • 50-year warranty against salt
  • Warranty is 5 full years and 45 prorated years

The Reprieve 48 Pool

For an outdoor paradise you can retreat to all summer long, try the Reprieve STR pool! This pool stands out from the crowd thanks to its excellent strength, refined beauty, and smooth, ornate lines. This pool is the perfect complement to any yard!
  • Reprieve 48 is available in 18' or 24' round
  • Stands 48" tall
  • Enhanced structural polymer components
  • Common rail designs
  • Exact-fit parts and components
  • Corrosion protection
  • Zinc-coated hardware
  • Interlocking stabilizer rails
  • Pro-series warranty - 1 full year and 25 prorated years
  • Compatible with factory decks and fencing

The Reprieve 52 Pool

With a highly resistant steel structure, the Reprieve 52 Pool features outstanding engineering and is supported by Hendrix Pool & Patio! Built to the highest industry standards and utilizing proper design and quality components, the Reprieve 52 is one of the headliners of the Elite Series. 
  • Krystal Texture Kote protects steel top ledge
  • 5" Krystal Kote protection for steel uprights
  • One-piece ledge cover
  • Steel stabilizer and bottom rail
  • Steel top and bottom panels
  • Buttress oval pool system
  • 30-Year warranty - 1 year full, 29 years prorated

The Venture 52 Pool

Enjoy aquatic adventures in the comfort of your backyard with the Venture 52 pool from Hendrix Pool & Patio! 

Using a high-impact, two-piece resin ledge cover and unique interlocking stabilizers to maximize the strength of the pool right at the top where it needs the most support, the Venture 52 is the strong, attractive pool most families want! Plus, it's available at an affordable price!
  • Available in 24' or 27' round or 15' X 30' or 18' X 33' oval
  • Stands 52" tall
  • 7" injection mold resin top ledge
  • 6" Krystal Kote uprights
  • Resin bottom system
  • Buttress-free oval pool
  • 40-year WARRANTY - 2 full years, 38 years prorated
Ground Swimming Pools

Choose the Right Above-Ground Pool Package

Every above-ground pool sold by Hendrix Pool & Patio comes with a standard kit. You can breathe easy as we offer installation services as well. If you wish to make your pool even better, you can rely on us to upgrade it to our deluxe kit. Browse the components of each kit below and find the right one for your new pool!

Standard Above-Ground Pool Kit

  • Blue with swirl bottom overlap liner
  • 1-horsepower pump
  • 19" sand filter
  • Wall skimmer
  • Maintenance kit: vacuum head and hose, t-pole, leaf net, test kit, thermometer, backwash hose, 2 plugs, and 2 extra filter hoses
  • A-frame ladder or deck ladder
  • Start-up chemicals kit
  • Dirt removal of up to 8"
  • Mortar sand
  • Patio blocks
  • Plastic under-liner
  • Labor, backfill, and rough grading

The Deluxe Above-Ground Pool Kit

  • Upgraded beaded liner
  • 1-horsepower pump
  • 19" sand filter
  • Solar cover
  • A-frame ladder or deck ladder
  • Aqua luminator light
  • Wall skimmer
  • Maintenance kit: vacuum head and hose, t-pole, leaf net, test kit, thermometer, backwash hose, 2 plugs, and 2 extra filter hoses
  • Kreepy EZ vacuum
  • Start-up chemicals kit
  • Dirt removal up to 8"
  • Mortar sand
  • Patio blocks
  • Plastic under-liner
  • Labor, backfill, and rough grading
Your liners will be backed by a 15-year WARRANTY against seam separation (includes 1 full year and 14 prorated years)!

Options for Upgrading Your Pool Kit

Hendrix Pool & Patio also offers a range of custom options so that you can personalize your pool kit to feature the items you want or need the most!
  • Duke Step
  • King Step (2 rails)
  • Extra digging: 9"-16" (nontaxable)
  • Extra digging: 17"-24" (nontaxable)
Want more information? Browse Hendrix Pool & Patio's selection of in-ground pools or contact our team today for your FREE estimate!
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